if you are interested in running for a board position at our next convention, please contact the nominations director, valerie ehr.

President: Duties include presiding at all business meetings of the association, the Board of Directors, and the executive committee.  She/He is responsible for directing the House of Delegates, and seeing that the decisions of the Board of Directors are carried out.  She/He also serves as a motivator and guide for the other members of the Board of Directors and maintains correspondence with NSNA.  The president is responsible for running all the meetings and creating agendas for the Board of Directors

Legislative Vice President: Duties include reviewing WSNA bylaws and policies to clarify and update materials as needed, monitoring state and national legislative activities in order to keep all constituents up-to-date on current issues, and compiling all necessary supplies for the House of Delegates meeting.  she/he Assists members with the formation and presentation of resolutions.  The Legislative V.p. assumes the duties of President in case of absence or disability. she/he also chairs the Rules Committee to present changes in bylaws, policies, and resolutions.

Executive Vice President: The Executive Vice President is responsible for planning, organizing, and scheduling a WSNA convention in the spring.  The Executive V.P. is also responsible for correspondence with potential exhibitors, advertisers for the convention and STAT, and meal sponsors.  She/He is responsible for working with the STAT editor to promote the convention and provide registration material. in the event of vacancy in the offices of president and legislative v.p., the executive v.p. would perform the duties of the president.

Secretary: Duties include keeping records of all organization correspondence, reports, papers, and documents. she/he records and distributes minutes of all WSNA board meetings and keeps a record of all constituents for roll call and business purposes.  the secretary chairs the Education Committee.

Treasurer: Duties include signing all checks written out from WSNA accounts, compiling and presenting the annual budget for WSNA board approval, and acting as custodian for all WSNA funds.  Fundraising is also the responsibility of the Treasurer. the treasurer submits tax records and maintains tax exempt status through all necessary procedures.  she/he chairs the Finance/Fundraising Committee.

Nominations Director: Duties include securing candidates for all WSNA board positions, organizing the registration process for conventions, and preparing the ballot box and ballots for all WSNA elections.  she/he also chairs the Membership Committee.

Projects Director: Duties include presenting potential statewide community health project(s) and developing a plan for implementation of projects.  This person collaborates with the Executive V.P. in obtaining a keynote speaker and guest speakers at convention. she/he also assists school chapters in developing local projects and activities.  the Projects director chairs the Community Health Committee.

Breakthrough to Nursing director: Duties include increasing awareness about the nursing profession and encouraging students to choose nursing as a career. the b.t.n. director Picks a project that can be carried out statewide to promote nursing as a profession.  she/he Acts as a resource person for schools to facilitate their projects throughout the year and chairs the Breakthrough to Nursing Committee.

STAT Editor: The STAT Editor is responsible for arranging, printing, and distributing a biannual publication of the Student STAT newsletter.  This includes recruiting written contributions from Board Members and other WSNA members, as well as educational and informational nursing articles. she/he consults with the executive v.p. to obtain ads for the stat.

Regional Directors (4): Maintain ongoing communications between wsna and the nursing schools in his/her respective region. they are The “go-to” person for information about the WSNA. they Send out the mailings to schools twice a year.  There are 4 Regional Directors:  Northern, Southern, Eastern and Western.

communications coordinator: Duties include maintaining communication with the outside website administrator, managing social media accounts, coordinating fundraisers with the treasurer, taking photographs at WSNA events, and maintaining professional integrity of the association.

parliamentarian: Duties include ensuring that proper parliamentary procedure is followed at all meetings and providing information/education on such procedures. he/she is appointed by the legislative v.p. parliamentarian and remains neutral on all debatable issues within wsna parameters and has no vote in business matters.

wna/wln consultants: Duties include providing interchange of information between the boards of wna/wln and wsna. they advise board members in all matters as outlined in the bylaws and serves as a mentor/resource person for members of the board.

elected consultant: the elected consultant must be a previous member of wsna with experience on the board of directors. he/she functions as the official wsna contact and resource person for constituent school chapter advisors and chairs the advisors committee.