Serving the Underserved



Helping Hand Advocacy


Nursing has long been associated with social justice advocacy. Lillian Wald, Clara Barton, Florence Nightingale, and many others are all mentioned with respect in our nursing schools because of their roles in promoting good health and living conditions for society’s most vulnerable: the homeless, poor, mentally ill, disabled, and wounded.

            When we think of advocacy nursing we tend to think of public health; but in truth, we are all caring for the underserved on a regular basis. The underserved and vulnerable of society sometimes leave the realm of statistics and end up in our hospital bed. Sometimes they are obvious, sometimes not; but they all need our skill and leadership to meet their needs and help them back on the path to wellness.

            Our project for this year will be raising money for Feeding America, a national hunger relief charity.  Visit 

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            Come, join us at convention as we learn ways to extend our hands and better serve the underserved!