Wisconsin Student Nurses Association


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It's almost time!

The 65th Annual WSNA Convention will be here next weekend.  I am so excited that all our preparations are finally coming to reality.  I hope that everyone has a wonderful time and I know that you will all learn something from the wonderful speakers.  

One thing that has been asked of me was, what is the dress code for convention.  It's simple.

Friday night - jeans are allowed.  You may dress casual.  Wear your convention shirts or school shirts if you have them.

Saturday all day - Business professional.  This means shirts and ties for the guys.

Sunday morning - Business casual.  Nice sweaters work.  So do polo shirts.  Dress nice, but comfortable for the last day.  Candidates should realize that if they are elected to the BOD, there will be pictures taken.


Hope that helps and I can't wait to see all you on next Friday!


Tom Lewandowski

WSNA President, 2013-2014

Wisconsin Student Nurses' Association