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My final notes.....

Greetings WSNA!  I am sitting here on one of my final nights as your WSNA President, getting ready to hand over the reigns to an amazing incoming President and Board of Directors.  I reflect upon the past year of the people I have met throughout my term and I am amazed, proud, and overwhelmed with the caliber of nursing students throughout the state.  I have made many contacts and friends throughout my time with WSNA, and I will cherish every memory of every one of you.  I want to take a few moments to recap my wonderful year.

It all started in February 2013, when I was elected your WSNA President at the 64th Annual WSNA Convention.  It was a little unsettling to know that I would be taking over the large shoes worn by the presidents before me.  Micheal Braden left WSNA in a great condition and I was happy to take over the gavel.

In October, we decided to resurrect and hold the College of Chapter Boards.  The one day leadership and planning workshop allowed the executive boards of our constituant schools to come together and share ideas, stories and friendship.  This event was attended by a more than expected delegation, and the feedback we received was invaluable so we could grow our great state of Wisconsin and to make Convention better than ever before.

We inducted two new schools to our consituancy and were pleased to welcome Rasmussen Wausau and Green Bay to our ranks.  

In February, we held the 65th Annual WSNA Convention at the Kalahari resort and convention center.  We increased attendence by 22% over the previous year, had a larger exhibit hall than ever before, welcomed 18 speakers and had an amazing time.  We elected our new Board of Directors, including President-elect, Kayla Nyseth.  We also had National Student Nursing Association representation with NSNA Director, Matthew Oppert in attendence.  

Finally, I attended the NSNA Annual Convention April 8-12 in Nashville, Tennessee.  I was able to meet people and contacts throughout the United States.  I was the delegate representing the WSNA, and was able to help adopt a record breaking 57 resolutions during the House of Delegates meetings.  The Wisconsin Student Nurses Association won the prestigious Winner's Way award for thier group for increasing our NSNA membership by a whopping 16.9%!!  Thank you for allowing me to have the honor of accepting that award on your behalf.

Finally, I was able to be a candidate for a position on the Board of Directors, and I am pleased to say, in front of a delegation of over 4000, I was fortunate enough to be elected a position on the NSNA Board of Directors.  I am the Director representing the Northern region, and the chairman of the Community Health Committee/Disaster Preparedness Committee.  I am also a member of the Membership committee and the Breakthrough to Nursing committee.  Over the next year, I will work with the NSNA to grow nursing in the nation, but hold my head proud as a member of the WSNA.

This brings me today, when I am realizing how lucky I am to have been a part of WSNA.  I urge each and every one of you to get your friends to join WSNA, and NSNA.  Reach out to those pre-nursing students, as they are nursing student's as well, and usually the most eager to belong to the nursing community at your school.  I will be around to help you in any way I can, and if you have any questions, you can email me at directorn@nsna.org.

Thank you WSNA, for being a part of my nursing career, my life, and my heart.  I appreciate everything I was able to do with you, and for you.  You will always be a part of me.


Thomas Lewandowski

WSNA President, 2013-2014

Director, NSNA Board of Directors, 2014-2015

Wisconsin Student Nurses' Association