If you are a SNA and want to have a table at the exhibitor fair, we can accommodate you.  You may sell your merchandise at this table ONLY.  This year, there will be NO sales of merchandise during any session of the convention except for the Exhibitor fair.  Private sales are okay, just not in Convention areas.  This includes the hallways outside the convention rooms.  The cost for the table is $65.  In addition, one item must be donated to the SNFW auction.  This item can be brought to the registration table either Friday night or Saturday morning.  Click ADD TO CART to purchase your table and fill out the registration form that appears on the screen.  Thanks for participating in the Exhibit hall during convention.

Student SNA

Student groups wanting to sell items such as t-shirts, water bottles, etc.  There will be NO sales of items allowed during meals, or in breakout sessions. In addition, one item MUST be donated for the SNFW auction.  These items can be brought to the registration booth Friday night or Saturday morning.

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